Choose the types of products you want for your furbaby!

Kai offers two types of paw-picked Packs, choose yours below, and you can always change it later!

Treats and Chews Only

Each month you'll receive a full bag of treats, and an additional 4-6 items. From samples sizes of other treats, to a few tough lasting chews, and even a one time reward or two for when you open your Pack. You'll love these goodies and save time and money not having to stop at a local pet store too!

Toys, Treats and Chews

Our most popular Pack option adds toys to the mix! In addition to a full bag of treats and 1-3 other delicious edibles, we round out the Pack with 2-3 fun toys that your pup is sure to love. From fun squeaky balls, to durable fabric chew toys that keep your pup's teeth clean, to stuffless toys for fun without the mess. All those and many more toys are part of this Pack!