What size is your pup?

 Would you consider your pup smaller, larger, or right in the middle of the pack? 

Tiny Dogs

The smallest of breeds would love these products. Dogs up to 15 lbs. such as Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Shih Tzus and Miniature Pinschers would all enjoy these Packs.

Most Dogs

Products appropriately sized for most breeds. Dogs up to 55 lbs. and sometimes a bit more will enjoy these products. Breeds like the Brittany, Bulldog, Border Collie and Australian Shepards all enjoy these Packs.

Big Dogs

Products appropriately sized for larger breeds. Dogs over 55 lbs. and those that are absolutely rough on their toys are idea for these Packs. Breeds such as the Golden Retriever, German Shepard and even other large breeds that often destroy their toys all enjoy these Packs.