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Look Who's Happy Tempt'n Tenders Chicken with Apple


Product Description

Looking for a new, delicious treat to spoil your dog with? Look no further! Look Who’s Happy makes incredible all natural Tempt’n Tenders that check every box dog owners want in their dogs treats. As one of their most popular and most delicious flavors, we highly recommend the Tempt’n Tenders Chicken with Apple flavor. Not only is the flavor exceptional, the ingredients are top notch, too! These treats have no glycerin, by-products, added hormones or artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. These treats do contain delicious, healthy ingredients such as chicken, cane molasses, apple, salt, citric acid, and mixed tocopherols. With chicken as the first ingredient listed, you can already tell how wholesome these treats are! Citric acid and mixed tocopherols are non-toxic ingredients used to preserve the treats so you don’t have to worry about those ingredients either. Your dog will love eating these treats as much as you love what is in these treats. Another amazing bonus of these treats is that the ingredients are sourced in the United States from cage-free chickens. All Look Who’s Happy treats are made and sourced in the United States by the family-owned company. These Tempt’n Tenders are also grain and gluten free making them perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs! These treats should not be used as a meal replacement. They should only be used to spoil your dog or help with training! The recommended serving sizes vary depending on your dog’s size. For small dogs: ½ - 1 stick. For medium dogs: 2 sticks. For large dogs: 3-4 sticks. No matter what size your dog is, they will become addicted to these scrumptiously healthy treats! Features: Delicious Chicken and Apple Flavor NO glycerin, by-products, added hormones or artificial ingredients Chicken is the first ingredient Sourced from Cage-Free Chickens in the USA

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