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Multipet Yellow Latex Polka Dot Globken Chicken Dog Toy


Product Description

Made by one of the most popular dog companies in the world, Multipet’s Globkens Latex Chicken is a favorite for all dogs. With a soft yet durable latex outside and a plush filling, this Mini Globkens Chicken is perfect for smaller sized dogs. The bright colors and fun polka dots will catch your dog’s eye and hold their attention. The unique squeaker sounds like a “squawk” which will captivate your dog for hours of play! Made with a stretchy, soft latex, the Globkens can withstand some light chewing and gnawing. It can also be used as a tug toy for smaller, gentler dogs. Or if you have an energetic dog who loves to fetch, Globkens makes the perfect fetch toy. The rubbery, bouncy exterior and unique shapes cause the chicken to bounce around, adding another level of fun to fetch. And because it is made out of a soft rubber, Globkens can even be used for an indoor game of fetch! About five inches in length, this Globkens is considered the Mini size. Another plus of this toy being latex is that it is extremely easy to clean. Simply use warm water and, if needs be, a mild soap to wash the dirt and bacteria off. The ease of cleaning the Globkens means that this toy is a great outdoor and indoor toy. Available in multiple different colors and with the option to choose which color you want, you are sure to find one that your dog will love! No longer sold in stores, this amazing toy is only available through exclusive online retailers! As one of Multipet’s best sellers, we are paw-sitive that your dog will love the Globkens Chicken Mini just as much as everyone else does! Features - Durable Latex Exterior - Soft Plush Filling - Easy to Clean - Squawking Squeaker - Bright, Fun Colors and Designs - Ideal for Smaller Sized Dogs

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