Meet Our Team

Harley The Fetcher

Second Paw-fficer in Command

Leader of the Fetch Brigade, Harley specializes in retrieving anything not bolted down.  

Kai The Chihuahua

Lead Product Tester

A treat taster extraordinaire, Kai's palette is second to none.  Tiny teeth, but a big bite! 

Rocky The Rascal

Destroyer of Toys

If a toy can pass the Rocky Test, you can rest assured it's worth its weight in gold! 


Where are the humans?

Holding the leashes of the “top dogs” are the humans behind Woof Pack. Together, our team has over 50 YEARS of experience loving, spoiling, and obsessing over dogs. If there is anyone who knows how crazy you are about your dog, it’s us. We understand how important your fur-baby is which is exactly why we started this company. We want to provide you with treats, toys, and chews of the highest quality that are tried, loved, and most importantly, safe. Everything we share with you and your precious pup, we have spoiled our own dogs with. You can be sure that everything in our little brown packs are healthy, durable, and have received two paws up from all of our furry testers. So go ahead, spoil your fur-baby. We understand.


A little about our mission...

 Enhancing the Relationships Between Two and Four Legged Friends! 

We started Woof Pack because we believe no pet owner should waste their money on inferior products.  No one wants to purchase a $15 or even $20 dog toy just to have it fall apart in 10 minutes, right?  That's why Kai and her pack of pawsome testers run every toy and treat she picks out through a ruff quality control process.  Kai's paw-picked products are guaranteed to meet your expectations or she'll make it up to you. That's our pawsome promise.

How are we so affordable?

● We buy in bulk at discounted prices

●Packs ship directly to you, removing the middleman

●No retail location = low overhead prices

●Low overheard prices = More savings in your pocket

All this also means the retail value of each Pack will always be more than you pay each month. It's a win, win!

Pamper your pup, place an order today!

Join Team Woof Pack now and get a Pack of goodies each month that we know you'll love!